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Non spoilery thoughts on Gotham: Episode 2

So many upsetting examples of lines that are meant to convey a certain tone uttered in exactly the sort of way that completely undermines that certain, intended tone.

Like, what even are you, Fish Mooney and Falcone? So robo.

Also, Batman listening to Thrash Metal doesn’t really strike me as in-character…

(Otherwise, good episode).

What a difference… A DAAAAAY MAAAAAKES♪

Cover Art(s) from Harley Quinn: Futures End #1 by Amanda Conner with Paul Mounts.



Bombshell Batwoman: #52 Kate Kane
I feel in love with Bombshell Batwomans Design the moment I saw it.

I decided to style the full costume after vintage woman’s baseball uniforms and the movie A League of Their Own. I did some slight modern updates to keep it Batwomans style, like the a-symmetrical front + piping.  I hand embroidered the Gotham Knights crest on the front of the uniform and bat symbol on my hat.  I also did an overhaul on my bat which included sanding off all the logos and old finish, painting on the new design and finishing it with some fresh coats of varathane.

Contacts: Color Vue: Solar Blue (Youknowit.com)
Wig:  Arda Matilda- Apple Red
Progress Photos: 1 & 2

Photos By: Think.Nu

That is gorgeous!


A few quick thoughts about the Gotham premiere:

Semi-spoilers, for those who didn’t watch it live.

  • Bullock - too corrupt to become the lovable doubter we know today?
  • Baddies - all older than Bruce - even the young ones; seems unrealistic.
  • Where all them red hurrs, Gordons?! Where dem redhurrzzz?!
  • The promos for this show need to stop talking like “GUESS HOW THEY WENT BAD?! THIS CITY DID IT!” when it’s set before they went bad. That doesn’t make temporal sense, Jim. You can’t suck me in with this.
  • It has never been more apparent than right now how the CW negatively affects production value, as compared with Fox.

Beautiful watercolour Batman art by Ardian Syaf.

(and plenty more in that deviantart gallery).

Hey kids, it’s another episode of my ongoing comic podcast type thingy: Comic Book Showcase!

We’re getting a little bit serious this week to talk about the subject of Nerd-on-Nerd bullying (or Geek-on-Geek if you prefer) and the troubling concept of "Gatekeeping" in which people who consider themselves true fans react to new fans with unwarranted aggression and mean-spirited exclusion.

This is especially a problem for women, whose piece of the fandom pie has grown significantly - and I think that’s a positive thing.

So, what do you think about this subject? Have you seen instances of nerd-on-nerd bullying and gate-keeping in your life as a fan? Have you been the victim of gatekeeping? Are you self-aware enough to admit that you’ve been a gatekeeper before?

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If There Was A New 52 Bop


I have said many times how important I think Birds of Prey is to the industry, regardless of who is writing it. I think it’s one of THE best gateway books the industry has had for decades…lots of licensed tie-in books bring in female readers, but BOP seemed to create more female long-term comics fans than almost any other book out there. 

I think there needs to be ONE book that is about a female team, that it’s part of the book’s DNA, as it were. We have other books that try, but most of them have not had the long-time impact of BOP, I feel.

So just for fun and not for any particular reason…

Who would you want to see on a New52 Birds of Prey team?

Wait, creative team, or in-universe team?

I’d like to see Canary, Strix, and Starling back together, at the very least.

I’d like to see someone who can sustain the book for more than a few years writing it. Whoever it’d be, they’d have a built in first arc in explaining what the hell Starling was thinking when she turned on the team, where the hell she went, and how the hell she gets back on the team.

I’d like to see more inter-personal relationships and less fighting with each other for the sake of having a fight scene.

And I’d like the book to be less about Dinah being a love-crazed eejit for some guy she was supposed to have married in a book nobody liked that was cancelled two years ago, and more about how she gets along with her pals who are right there.

You know, the good stuff.



"Double standard try hard feminism" - Edited, was previously "FUDS" (women).

This ties in rather nicely with two podcasts I was involved with. One was about the unrealistic depiction of women in comics and the overuse of so-called “cheesecake”, and the other was about the concept of gatekeeping in fandom, wherein men feel women liking comics threatens their own fandom in some way, despite their desperately wanting women who like comics.

So, it’s no wonder women don’t profess their love of comics when men  alternately - or even simultaneously - hypersexualize, glorify, demonize, and threaten them. The artform itself is rife with depictions that don’t appeal to women, both artistically and narratively, and the way they are treated as fans by both their fellow male fans and the people who make comics isn’t exactly welcoming.

The latter podcast isn’t up yet, but the Cheesecake episode can be found here.